Start Earning Using The Cleanest
Cryptocurrency Mining Solution

Stake NOVA token to own our mining power and get perpetual passive income

App is coming in January 2022

We are the bridge between mining
and the DeFI world

We mining
BTC and altcoins

Cryptocurrencies mining has become an expensive, slow and environmentally unfriendly process. We create new mining facilities: hydro- and solar powered

You staking
NHM Token

Each token is backed by the profits generated from our mining operation using the appropriate proportional hashrate. It is a simple stake to win

How does it work


NHM network features a carefully constructed Bitcoin mining platform, created so that everyone can participate safely and efficiently, without requiring technical knowledge about how the mining process works.


NHM features some of the most technologically advanced security systems. We strive to maintain our user`s safety and security at all times, providing a safe environment to interact with the platform.


NHM utilizes the newest application-specific integrated circuit hardware specifically built to mine Bitcoin at extremely fast rate while consuming much less power than FPGA or GPU mining hardware.

Check how much you can earn

Buy, stake & be rewarded. It is a simple but effective flow. NHM deals with complexity in mining understanding. Holders need to assume neither operating nor equipment expenses.

How much NHM do you want to send to staking?

Investment + Income

Daily income


Monthly income


Annual income


The team is experienced both
in cryptocurrencies and mining

We perform the following operations

Construction and maintenance of data centers and high voltage infrastructure

International equipment procurement and logistics

Hardware configuration and development of software integration

Service and repair of equipment

Establishing relationships with regional authorities

Selection of mining farm locations

NHM Token

Token is built on Ethereum (ERC-20) and the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20 network)

At the beginning of the project, this maximum capacity is calculated to be 15MW. Once this power is achieved, the equivalence will be modified with the aim to scale the project.

NHM holders and potential investors will contribute to mining cryptocurrencies in a green and clean way. Additionally, since NHM tokens are backed by potential power (W), NHM holders will get more profits compared to other mining options like cloud mining.

The mining pool will act as a service
provider and as an auditor overseeing
the adequacy of the mining power

As a normal procedure in the mining business, the project foresees up to 10% annual mining downtime. Once the daily mining rewards arrive, a portion will be sold on the secondary market to cover the daily energy and operating costs of the project

NHW Potential Power



The 50% of NHM token supply will be sold to investors through three sales. Investment sales will be split into Seed, Private, and Public sales. Tokens sold through these sales will be vested accordingly so that the token`s price will not be negatively impacted.

DEXs and CEXs

The token will go live in both DEXs and CEXs (secondary markets), so it will be tradeable within different exchanges.

Community Pool

In the case of any tokens not being sold through the sales, they will be sent to the community pool that is depicted in the following chapter in order for the holders to get more profits over time.

DAO Governance System

Team — 14%

Marketing — 5%

Advisors/Partners/Legal — 5%

Sale — 50%

NHM Community 26%


Precision beats power and timing beats speed.
Solutions come with simplicity and progress with innovation

Q3 2021

Project Presentation in Dubai at one of the most prestigious Family Office Summit in the world, Sir Anthony Ritossa`s Global Family Office Investment Conference

Q4 2021

Beginning of the construction of the Nova Hydro Mining data center

QA 2021

Beginning of the construction of the Nova Hydro Mining data center

QA 2021

Beginning of the construction of the Nova Hydro Mining data center

QA 2021

Beginning of the construction of the Nova Hydro Mining data center

QA 2021

Beginning of the construction of the Nova Hydro Mining data center



Lorenzo Stroe

Chief executive officer (CEO)


Isacio Santos

Chief technology officer (CTO)


Alejandro Navarro

Chief investment officer (CIO)


Vasil Babluani



H.R.H. Prince Juan Bagration


Leo Tilie

Creative director


Maria Cocu



Dana Al Salem

Co-Founder at Yahoo



Rafael Ionov

Partner at Spencer West LLP


Lasha Kalandadze

legal team